At Viveri, we see color differently.

At Viveri Food Colors, we’re dedicated to maintaining a stable and secure certified color supply chain, even as many color companies shift their efforts to prioritize “natural colors.” Our premium FD&C dyes and lakes give peace of mind to our customers so they can continue making bright, bold statements without compromise.

Our Dyes

Typically, water-soluble FD&C dyes are considered the easiest, brightest, lowest-cost option for coloring foods and beverages. As the simple solution, the initial concern for dyes is that there is enough water in the product/process to dissolve the color! Viveri Food Colors understands these benefits, and we maximize ease of use and added value by offering premium FD&C dyes in both powder and granular form.

Check out our current product listings below:


Available in powder and granules


Available in powder and granules

FD&C RED #40

Available in powder and granules


Available in powder


Available in powder and granules


Available in powder


Available in powder

Our Lakes

Dyes are not appropriate for all applications, specifically dry and oil-based foods. In high moisture applications, for example, a water-soluble dye can exhibit undesirable migration. For example, given time, a decorative sprinkle colored with dyes on an iced cupcake will bleed from the sprinkle into the icing. Viveri’s lakes resolve these issues, excelling with higher standards of performance and product consistency.

Dye behavior is based on chemistry, but it’s the physical nature of lakes that determines their performance. Particle size and shape are critical, and producing a consistent product, batch after batch, is all about process control. This is where Viveri’s lakes excel!

FD&C Lakes are made by adsorbing an FD&C water-soluble dye onto a substrate of alumina hydrate. The result is an insoluble, highly colored powder of very fine particle size. These fine lake particles disperse through a food, coloring it the way cinnamon colors sugar when blended together, but with much more efficiency. Lakes do not require water to function, nor do they migrate throughout a food.

Varying the amount of dye adsorbed on the substrate produces lakes of various shades and strengths. Our lakes are available in a variety of high-, mid-, and low-pure dye content versions for optimized use, whether it’s driven by cost-in-use, shade, or regulatory issues.

Our current list of products includes the following, and custom options are available by request. Contact Viveri color experts for additional guidance!


Available in low, mid, and high dye


Available in low, mid, and high dye

FD&C RED #40

Available in low and high dye


Available in low and high dye


Available in low and high dye

Organic Cosmetic Pigments

D&C Red 6 Ba Lake

D&C Red 6 Na Salt

D&C Red 7 Ca Lake

D&C Red 7 Ca Salt

D&C Red 21

D&C Red 21 Al Lake

D&C Red 22 Al Lake

D&C Red 27

D&C Red 27 Al Lake

D&C Red 28 Al Lake

D&C Red 30

D&C Red 30 Al Lake

D&C Red 30 Talc Lake

D&C Red 33 Al Lake

D&C Red 34 Ca Salt

D&C Red 34 Ca Lake

D&C Red 36

FD&C Red 40 Al Lake

FD&C Yellow 5 Al Lake

FD&C Yellow 6 Al Lake

D&C Yellow 10 Al Lake

FD&C Blue 1 Al Lake

Inorganic Cosmetic Pigments

Red Iron Oxide

Yellow Iron Oxide

Black Iron Oxide

Lavanya Brown

Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Pink

Ultramarine Violet

Manganese Violet

Chromium Oxide Green

Chromium Hydroxide Green

Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide/ Iron Blue

Titanium Dioxide

Carbon Black

D&C Black 2

Aqueous Cosmetic Pigment Dispersions

D&C Black 2 Dispersion