A Human Approach To Sales

At Viveri, we know that the FD&C supply chain is more than a quick trip from our facilities to your products. All along the way are hardworking people tasked with navigating food and beverage challenges. These people conduct research, make difficult decisions, and formulate solutions. These people, not corporations, offer safe, appealing products at the best price point. A successful food industry stems from the minds and hearts of intelligent, passionate professionals—these people that we’re proud to call our customers.

Our customer relationships are the driving force behind everything we do. Like our supply chain itself, the sales process only works when it is rooted in genuine, meaningful, people-to-people connections. Even as technology—which we use to our strongest advantage for your benefit—continues to shape our way of doing business, we believe that nothing can replace the power of trust.

We believe in a sales approach that puts people, and relationships, front and center. We want to see the passion behind your brand. We want to hear about your challenges and ideal solutions in your own words, because our customers are more to us than names and email addresses in a database.

We know that your needs are not easily met. We know that your color choices make flavor come alive in your consumer’s imagination. To achieve this with color, you need a partner who can offer not only safety but also innovation, not only stability but also adaptability. When possible, we like to tell you—in person—how we can be that partner.

Come meet us at one (or more) of the following trade shows:

• IFT | Anaheim, CA
• IFT | St. Louis, MO
• IFT | West Chester, OH
• IFT Suppliers | Solon, OH
• IFT | Baltimore, MD
• International Baking Industry Expo | Las Vegas, NV
• IFT Suppliers Night | Rosemont, IL