A Food Color Supply Chain You Can Trust

Adapting “natural colors” to bold applications is not as simple as swapping out one ingredient for another. Compared to certified, consistent-quality colors, “natural colors” can easily increase your raw material cost thirtyfold while compromising the aesthetic of your applications. All assuming the natural ingredients available will work with your formulations and distribution network, which they may not.

It can be hard to know which suppliers will give you sincere advice and which ones will prioritize profit and more expensive solutions.

At Viveri, we know who we are and we know what we do best: FD&C colors. We also know our customers, and we care deeply about holding ourselves accountable to their needs. Because when it comes to color, we speak from experience.

Though we may be one of the newer names on your contact list, our parent company, Day-Glo Corp., has roughly a century of experience in this industry. We can tell you with confidence that FD&C colors aren’t going away. Rather, they’re continuing to add value where “natural colors” can’t.

One key industry change is the gradual consolidation of certified color suppliers; and those that remain are focusing on “natural colors,” leaving FD&C color customers with even fewer choices.

With fewer suppliers in the market, it can feel like you have less control over who you work with. We understand that you need suppliers you can trust, who will give you the best advice and put your needs first. If your applications are ideally suited for FD&C colors (and many are), our team of experts is ready to offer support and guidance.

We offer some key services to help you discover your best option, including a Color Audit and Food Color 101. The purpose of an on-site Color Audit is, quite simply, to determine if there are any possible improvements in the way your company is handling and using color. Food Color 101 is a customized overview of food colors, covering a wide range of topics: psychology, history, regulations, labeling, handling, trouble-shooting, technical properties, and more.

As the years pass, the industry will continue to change, and foods will continue to adapt to consumer demand. Through it all, our approach to ensuring a safe, certified color supply chain will be there to assist those companies seeking an innovative partner in living color.

Your Best Option. Your Next Choice. Explore quality, certified colors from Viveri.

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